BBR technologies and construction techniques for bridges are founded on many years experience of creating elegant yet practical infrastructure around the globe.


BBR post-tensioning allows almost any shape of structure to be constructed, while reducing environmental impacts, construction time, materials and costs

Stay Cables

The BBR Network has been at the forefront of development in the stay cable field for more than 50 years.

Ground engineering

BBR ground anchoring technology has been used for anchoring structures into the ground and stabilizing slopes for over 60 years.


The BBR Network has made a significant and sustained contribution to energy sector projects where the flexibility, strength and practicality is built into BBR technologies.

Tanks & Silos

Construction of storage tanks and silos is ideally performed using post-tensioned concrete for which the BBR Network has extensive technical expertise.

Special Applications

BBR technology has proven its ultimate versatility and strength for special applications – often unique projects, requiring a similarly unique engineering approach.

Maintenance - MRR

The BBR Network supports building and asset owners in managing their risks by providing reliable and appropriate Maintenance, Repair and Retrofitting services.