Infrastructure for energy

The BBR Network has made a significant and sustained contribution to the creation and durability of structures for the energy sector across the globe. Our expertize is applied to the wind energy market, LNG/LPG containment and nuclear power generation plants.


Increasingly environmentally-friendly solutions are required from the construction industry, while the practicalities and associated costs must be weighed by infrastructure owners. In this situation, there are some compelling advantages for choosing a post-tensioned approach using BBR technology.
BBR technology & benefits for the energy sector include:
  • Post-tensioned concrete wind tower solutions are adaptable and durable, offering long life performance with reduced maintenance – along with the ability to produce up to 15% more energy because PT concrete towers can be 30-40m taller than their steel counterparts
  • BBR VT CONA CMB band products and CONA CMG ground anchors, amongst others, are well-suited for use in the construction of windfarms
  • Cryogenic LNG storage – post-tensioned concrete tanks are ideally suited to the task and comply with stringent requirements for containment structures at these very low temperatures
  • BBR Network technology & expertize meets the specialist requirements of the cryogenic LNG/LPG industry, based on the BBR VT CONA CMI internal system for cryogenic applications and our highly experienced team
  • The recognized adaptability and reliability of BBR prestressing systems for the post-tensioning of nuclear power plant pressure and containment vessels has made them some of the best known internationally. The BBR team has completed over 60 nuclear energy projects in 15 countries.
  • In the nuclear industry, BBR post-tensioning tendons, such as the high-capacity BBR VT CONA CMI internal range with up to 73 strands, are typically used in the inner containment