Leading the way with stay cable technology

Many of the most dramatically beautiful architectural designs and technically excellent feats of engineering have been realized with the use of Swiss BBR stay cables. The BBR Network is one of the world’s leading suppliers and installers and has delivered more than 430 major projects, resulting in a wealth of enduring and magnificent cable-stayed structures around the globe.
BBR has been at the forefront of development in the field of stay cable technology for over 60 years. We not only invented high fatigue resistant wire stay cables, but we also constructed the world’s first projects to use modern parallel strand stay cables and carbon stay cables. Today, the BBR HiAm CONA strand stay cable system, BBR HiEx CONA saddle technology for extradosed applications and the BBR HiAm/DINA wire stay system are unrivalled anywhere on the planet.
BBR stay cable technology is used for the following applications:
  • Cable-stayed bridges –especially suitable for medium to long-span bridges from 100 to 1,000 m, where technical and economic factors dictate this solution. The choice of a cable-stayed solution for smaller bridges may be based on other parameters, such as reduced depth of deck, construction methodology & aesthetics
  • Arch bridges – where BBR stay cable technology is the solution of choice for the hangers
  • Roofs – ideal solution for roofs of grandstands, stadiums, aircraft hangars and other lightweight wide-span structures. Stay cable technology opens up a whole new range of possibilities for architectural creativity, as well as functional features and considerations. BBR stay cable roofing solutions have been provided for arenas and stadia worldwide
  • Towers – for communication facilities, chimneys and antennas, while wind towers used for power generation can also be stabilized using stay cables