60 years in Ground engineering

BBR has decades of experience in the design and application of post-tensioning products. Innovative solutions delivered by the BBR Network in the complex arena of geotechnics are based on BBR technology including temporary and permanent ground anchors, the world’s highest-capacity ground anchors for dams, as well as PT bars and soil nails.


Since the first BBR stressed ground anchors were used in 1951 to anchor the walls of the Maggia Power Station in Switzerland, BBR has continued to develop its technology to provide better and more advanced solutions for the geotechnics market.
Typical geotechnical applications for BBR geotechnical technology include:
  • Retaining walls for large cuttings
  • Tieback of vertically excavated walls
  • Upgrading of dam structures
  • Stabilization of unstable slopes
  • Securing of structures below ground water level
  • Anchoring of tall structures such as transmission towers and wind towers
  • Anchoring of tensile forces for cableways or bridge abutments