Award-winning bridges

BBR post-tensioning technology and construction techniques for bridges are founded on over seven decades’ experience of creating elegant yet practical infrastructure. BBR Network teams around the world have realized many ambitious and award-winning bridge projects for their clients.
Typical applications for BBR VT CONA CMI internal bonded post-tensioning technology include the prestressing of bridges and precast segmental construction. While BBR VT CONA CME external or CONA CMB band post-tensioning systems – placed outside of the cross-section and transferring the forces to the structure only at the anchorages and deviators – are commonly used for the repair and strengthening of existing bridges.
Advantages of using BBR PT technology include:
  • Ability to create complex bridge structures with demanding geometry, such as variable super-elevation & significant grade changes
  • Extremely long span bridges can be constructed without the use of temporary intermediate supports
  • Increased load-carrying capacity & reduced structural depths
  • BBR Network Members offer the right bridge construction equipment, knowledge and resources, plus technical support from design to final execution
  • Significant cost-savings can be achieved by choosing the right bridge construction technique. Read more here