Maximum flexibility for buildings

Whether for ground slabs or suspended floors, the BBR Network helps clients, developers and construction professionals harness the immense benefits to be gained by adopting a post-tensioned solution for their projects. Used for decades in Australia and the United States, post-tensioned slabs have now become popular throughout the world, as the enhanced value they deliver is more widely recognized.
Construction projects which typically feature post-tensioning include car parks, apartment buildings, commercial office space, retail centers, hospitals, stadia and slabs on ground for distribution warehouses, terminal facilities, hangars and sporting venues. Slab or flat anchorage PT technology, whether bonded or unbonded, is the preferred solution when it comes to thin structural elements. Thinner PT slabs and early strength stressing using BBR VT CONA CMF flat, CONA CMM Single or CONA CMM Two/Four systems promote a faster floor cycle time, allowing the structure to progress more rapidly.
The benefits offered by BBR post-tensioning technology and techniques include:
  • Achievement of complex geometry & special design challenges – meeting all the needs of modern architecture
  • Large column-free spaces – spans of up to 15m are common in standard PT slabs
  • Shallower slabs  – PT slabs are up to 30% shallower, reducing the building height or allowing more floors within the original building height
  • Less materials– with PT, less concrete and steel is needed for the superstructure
  • Program & cost saving – groundwork requirements for a PT structure are reduced
  • Faster program  – BBR technologies offer thinner PT slabs and early strength stressing, promoting faster floor cycle times
  • Reduced maintenance costs – structures are more durable as use of PT promotes better crack and deflection/vibration control